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Packaging Beauty With Beautiful Packaging

Proudly Made in the USA!
We Are Prepared To Take Your Vision And Bring It To Life.

Our Team Has Developed Products From Some Of The Most Demanding Brands In The Market. 

Discover all our best solutions to create a unique packaging that can best express the values of your brand.

You'll have access to award-winning designs for both stock and custom packaging options as well as full turnkey solutions for skin care, personal care, nutraceuticals and wellness products.


Sustainability is a topic we discuss every day at Evitasource - both internally and externally.


We understand the importance of finding sustainable packaging solutions that meet our brand partners goals.

You'll get a menu of sustainable choices that can be tailored to your specific needs. Ultimately, what’s most important is how sustainability fits into your Brand DNA.

Not Sure Where to Start 
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Lots of
Packaging Options

We offer a wide range of packaging formats and supplemental packaging, such as shelf trays, outer printed cartons, and shipping cartons, eliminating the need to waste time communicating with multiple vendors.

We know what it takes to make sure your new product launches with optimum results by using our decades of industry knowledge coupled with innovative technology in a cost effective manner that will allow maximum profitability on limited resources.




The right packaging goes a very long way to catching a consumer’s eye and asking them to come along for the journey with your brand.


After all, before ever trying your product out, the first thing a customer notices is how that product is packaged. If it’s packaged right, they’ll snatch it from the shelf and look forward to testing it out for themself.

Beautifully Aligned with Your Brand

From Concept
to Reality

Our Design & Engineering team provides innovative, cost-effective, custom packaging solutions driven by consumer and market insights with a focus on seamless and successful commercialization.

Our custom solutions and process help you differentiate your products’ packaging in a way that creates stronger, more meaningful experiences with consumers—and ultimately helps create brand loyalty.




Choose the Right Packaging

We know packaging can be complex. Let us help you simplify your packaging development with our proven process so you can focus on what’s inside the package.

If you’re ready to pursue insight-driven and commercial-ready packaging for your brand, contact us to get started.


For More Information On Our Custom Packaging Solutions, Get In Touch With Us Today. 

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